NRA Certified Instructor and Self-Defense AuthorSelf-defense and awareness, not to mention having the proper gear are extremely important nowadays. We live in an ever-changing and dangerous world.  Our society experiences personal attacks and property crimes much more frequently than ever have before.  In fact, recent news articles indicate that personal attacks and violent crimes are not just happening in dark alleys and lonesome streets.  Violent attacks are happening more and more at places where we shop, places of worship, and even in our schools.  The bad guys have become emboldened.  Sanctity of human life and respect for others is just not their priority.  Many of these crimes could easily go from simple robberies to kidnapping or violent assault in an instant.

Questions About Firearms and Self-Defense

How long can you defend yourself and your loved ones while you are waiting for the police to arrive?  If you are out shopping or attending services, are you aware of your surroundings?  Are your firearms kept in good condition in case you need to use them?  What types of gear do you use to conceal carry, transport firearms to the range, and secure your firearms?  Are cleaning and maintenance important?  And if you have to use your firearms in self-defense, are you properly trained?  Can you quickly make good tactical and sound decisions?  Do you know what to do next?  When seconds count, the police are minutes away, and you are your own first-responder!

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Welcome from The Colorado Gun Guy!  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer and certified Law Enforcement M-16/AR-15/M4-A1 Armorer.  The purpose of this site up to help me share with you, my readers, lots of valuable resources on a variety of topics.  I have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and training in the areas of concealed carry issues, firearms maintenance, self-defense awareness, firearms training methods, and gear reviews. 

The Colorado Gun Guy is a companion site to my Northern Colorado Home Security site.  Please excuse the construction while we build our presence, but come back often as we change and grow.  Be sure to bookmark us to find out more about how you can protect your home and your loved ones.  We will be expanding this site very quickly with news, articles, and product suggestions on concealed carry, firearms maintenance and self-defense issues that you can use.

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